Why You Need to be Using Google Data Studio

Why You Need to be Using Google Data Studio

July 7, 2017 How To

The best business decisions are made when backed up by data. In the past, access to top-notch data visualization tools was expensive and difficult to setup. With the launch of Google DataStudio, enterprise quality data visualization is now available to everyone.

Collin Slattery
Collin Slattery
Founder & CEO

We all know by now that data and analyzing that data is vital to business success; however, many businesses are not equipped with quality tools for extracting important insights from this data. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (now Search Console) are decent but being able to compare a lot of data at once has been extraordinarily difficult without the help of an excel expert or expensive software.Not anymore! Google has finally rolled out their data visualization tool known as Data Studio. Data Studio is an amazing platform that allows you to pull data from any source and visualize that data in powerful new ways.Starting in February, we began providing clients with reports created in Data Studio, and the feedback has been tremendous. We also use Data Studio for dashboards which allows us to analyze client data quickly and easily and generate new insights.

Why You Should Use Data Studio

Data Studio is an extremely powerful tool. It allows you to view your data from multiple sources on one page at the same time. Do you want to see how your organic traffic has changed Month-over-Month as well as Year-over-Year at the same time? Easy! How about your Adwords Clicks and Click-through-rate on the same chart with a trendline showing how you’re performing over time? No problem! Simply put: Data Studio allows all businesses to see data in a way only large companies could just a few years ago.In the past, access to similar tools would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, yet Data Studio is free. It natively and easily integrates with the tools you are likely already using: Google Analytics and Search Console. Because they are all Google products, they are designed to work together.It is incredibly easy to setup. You can use your google account you already use for Analytics and Search Console, and with a simple tutorial, you can be up and running in about 30 minutes.

Getting Started with Data Studio

So you want to see your data the way big companies see their data, and you’re ready to get started? We think that’s a great idea. Here’s how.First, you need to setup a Data Studio account. You can use your Analytics & Search Console account to sign up quickly.Once you’re inside, Google offers an extremely helpful tutorial dashboard to get you up and running. It takes about 30 minutes to go through the tutorial and by the end, you will know enough to create your very first dashboard.Google also has a number of templates created already, which you can use and replace their data sources with yours. This gives you a good, well-designed base on which to create your dashboard and tweak the data to your liking.As a business, being able to make data driven decisions is more important than ever. Data Studio provides businesses of all sizes the ability to easily visualize their data in ways that will create new insights to help push their businesses further. We use it, we set it up for our clients, and we believe that other businesses would benefit immensely from using it.

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