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Seriously — it’s that simple.
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A landing page is the place where someone who’s “just-browsing” will either become a customer — or bounce.

That means your landing pages are what make or break your conversions

Research shows that companies with at least 15 effective landing pages get 55% more leads
than businesses with less than 10.

And yet, research also shows that most marketers don’t put as much effort into creating
and optimizing landing pages as they should.

Do you want to be like most marketers? Or do you want to be better?

The average conversion rate for landing pages across all industries is 2.35%, and the average for the top 25% of landing pages is 5.31%.

Putting multiple offers on your landing page can decrease conversions by up to 266%, but only 48% of marketers build a new page for each campaign.

Targeting and testing correctly can boost conversions by 300% or more — but only 17% of marketers use landing page A/B tests.

Where is your traffic landing?

If you’ve put tons of money into paid ads, but you don’t use dedicated landing pages that actually convert… then all that effort is wasted.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about how to optimize your landing pages. Or maybe you don’t have any to begin with, and you’re just sending folks to product pages or to the homepage of your website.

Whatever the case, we work with you to build out pages designed around your specific goals, so you can increase your conversion rates and overall ROI.

Landing Pages Done Right

To make landing pages work for you, you need them done right

Good thing we have over 10 years of experience and a team of experts in every aspect of the field.

In other words… We’ve created and optimized an a ton of landing pages over the years — and we know how to help you improve conversions and get your max ROI.

Build landing pages that make your customers click “BUY NOW”.

Landing page creation and optimization is a part of our PPC and paid social packages, but we also offer it as a standalone service for folks who need a laser-sharp focus on CRO.

1 Research & Setup

We start by collecting a ton of data, including reviews and testimonials, and then we ideate a customer-centric approach to the page.

2 Design, Copy, & Development

Our designers and copywriters get to work on creating a convincing, beautiful page, and our developers bring it to life on Unbounce.

3 Conversion Rate Optimization with Iteration & Split Tests

“We analyze how your page is doing, and then iterate and build new pages to run A/B tests. We continuously make data-backed changes to optimize your conversion rate.

4 Reporting

Our systemized testing process shows us what variables we need to focus on, so we can iterate and improve. We’ll share transparent reporting on heatmaps that make it clear what parts of your landing pages need adjustments.

Static Creative

Got 15 minutes? Let’s talk about landing pages.

Our signature service is complete ad strategy for our clients, *including* landing pages.

But if you just need a high-converting landing page built by people who KNOW digital ads, we’ve got you covered.

We can work with you or your paid ads team of choice to help you boost conversions and improve overall ROAS

Book a quick discovery call, and let’s talk about how landing pages can help you grow.

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We’re weirdly obsessed with digital strategy

Seriously. We don’t do SEO. We don’t do email.

Our focus is paid advertising.

And that’s why we care about your landing pages. Conversion rates are a key part of our expanded ROAS equation. In other words, it’s not enough to create fantastic ads that lead to shitty landing pages.

When it comes to landing page CRO, we’ve learned that small tweaks can have a big impact. We pay constant attention to your data, and actively make nuanced adjustments based on the numbers that matter — AND we have a good time doing it.

Weirdly Obsessed with Digital Strategy

What could you accomplish with optimized landing pages?

“The project was very successful. Our online presence is now disproportionately high for a small company… I would highly recommend Taikun Digital.”

Eli Someck, President Redwood Property Group

Learn more about the translation company that increased conversions by 359%

Languex needed more conversions. Period. So, combined with a robust PPC campaign that got more prospects interested in their services, we launched a landing page that had their conversion rate soaring, and their cost per lead plummeting.

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We took one client’s conversion rate from around 2% to 8.24% for just one product

How much could a new landing page like that increase your conversions?

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