PPC ads can get you more traffic, more leads, more sales, greater ROAS — and more profit

With over a decade of experience, we know how to cut through the complexity and leverage the power of PPC

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If you’re not showing up, you’re slowing down

Search based advertising gets your ads in front of people who are actively looking for a product or service you offer.

The ability to serve ads to these people is extremely powerful.

Google Ads represents 42% of the entire online advertising market

86% of all core search queries in the US are generated by Google

Microsoft and Bing represent 6% of the search advertising market

Think about it: Where do you go when you’re looking for a product or service?

You probably answered “Google,” or maybe even “Bing.” You’re not special: 97% of people start their product or service research on a search engine.

The bottom line: If you’re not showing up on major search engines, your business doesn’t exist in the eyes of consumers.

But we can help with that.

To make PPC ads work for you, you need them done right

Good thing we have over 10 years of experience and a team of experts in every aspect of the field.

In other words… We’ve managed a ton of PPC ads over the years — and we know how to help you get your max ROI.

We create ads for both lead generation and DTC advertising

Our approach combines machine learning, automated scripts, and just the right amount of manual control to make sure your ads are reaching your people AND your goals.
We take care of copy, design, segmentation, management, multiple types of testing, and iteration for Google and Microsoft ads.

And to ensure your ads lead to pages that actually convert, we create and optimize your landing pages, too — because all the variables we can control, we will.

Paid Search Advertising
Paid Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Display Advertising
Video Advertising
Video Advertising
Landing Page Creative
Landing page creation
Shopping Advertising
Shopping Advertising

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We’re weirdly obsessed with digital advertising strategy

Seriously. We don’t do SEO. We don’t do email.

Our focus is paid advertising.

The digital ads space is complex, and we’ve learned that small tweaks can have a big impact. We’re constantly monitoring your data (like, Matrix-level monitoring), so we can actively make nuanced adjustments based on the numbers that matter — AND we have a good time doing it.

Combined with our years of experience and iterative process, our hyper-focus on digital ads means you get better results in less time, and early access to new products, strategies, and platforms that drive ROI.

What could you accomplish with PPC ads?

“To say that working with Taikun has resulted in a bump in business is an understatement. After designing and implementing a masterful digital advertising campaign, they continue to work on driving down costs and improving profitability. We would not have seen the massive growth we’ve seen without Taikun’s digital advertising expertise.”

Mark Ehrhardt, President Movers, Not Shakers!

Learn more about the PPC campaign that generated a 155% ROI

High cost per click numbers and strong competition meant that Movers, Not Shakers! needed strong targeting and optimization in a short amount of time to build a profitable campaign — before the cost of running a negative ROI campaign became too high.

Case Study: Movers, Not Shakers

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