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What we do

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We offer three core services and a no-BS approach to help you get better ROI on your digital ads

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How we do it

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We combine sophisticated data analysis, customer-centric creativity, and iterative improvement to build you an ads strategy that actually works

Sophisticated Data

Decisions backed by sophisticated data

Anyone can promise “data-driven” advertising — but we actually have the mathematical background and expertise to deliver it.


Customer-centric creativity that reaches your people

Our creative team knows how to reach your customers with great copy and design, and how to adjust based on the data.

Iterative Process

Iterative process for constant improvement

We test your ads, tweak them, and then test them again — so that you’re always adapting in this evolving field.

Why we do it

Why We Do It

We want you to open your data dashboard, gasp, and say, “holy shit, this is really working.”

Hard data makes for easy decisions…

…and strategic decisions that lead to greater ROAS — but only when you have all the right data in front of you, AND the expertise you need to interpret it.

Luckily, we have both.

We use straightforward formulas and transparent data dashboards to implement an advertising strategy that actually improves the numbers that matter. We do the math behind the scenes, so you can just focus on doing what you’re great at — running your business.

Analytics Dashboard

“[Taikun] set up a dashboard for us where we can see performance metrics in real time… The numbers look good, and we’re growing our revenue every month, so we’re very happy.”

Founder & CEO Skincare Company

Stand out with customer-centric, data-driven creative

As much as we love the numbers, we know your ads can’t be successful without the creative thinking that connects with your audience.

Using a data-driven design process, we create new assets or repurpose your existing ones. Then we measure how your content performs, and make adjustments based on the numbers

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“Their innovative and ROI-driven approach combined with their extensive knowledge of advertising and marketing generally has been instrumental in our success.”

Mark Ehrhardt, President Movers, Not Shakers!

Iterative improvement means your ads only perform better over time

We don’t just create some ads and leave you to fend for yourself.

We test everything we create for you, analyze the data we gather, and make changes as needed to improve your bottom line.

If you’re into iterative methodologies, let’s nerd out together. And if not, just know that our iterative process means we’re constantly improving your ads based on hard data, so you can get greater ROAS.

Iterative Improvement
Our process for iterative improvement looks
a little like this

“Taikun Digital leverages their knowledge and experience to produce results for their clients. The team is hard-working, professional, and fun to work with.”

Founder & CEO Translation Company

No more freelancers. No more unethical agencies. No more failed attempts at doing it yourself.

If you’re looking for a digital ads team who can cut through the noise and finally find you some clarity through hard data…

You found us.

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“In the three years we have been working with Taikun, we have tripled our business, and I credit Taikun for helping make it happen.”

Mark Ehrhardt, President Movers, Not Shakers!

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