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We want you to click open your data dashboard, gasp, and say,

“holy shit, this is really working”

Looking for a boutique paid advertising team who’s generated millions…?

You found us.

Since 2014, our team has generated more than $41 million in profits for our clients.

If you value honesty, transparency, and integrity, then we’ll get along just fine

No nonsense. No absurd guarantees. And no vanity metrics.

Your bottom line is what matters to us.

That’s why we treat your budget as if it were our own ad spend: we invest it for the greatest returns in the most efficient way possible.
We pay relentless attention to the numbers that actually move the needle in your business, and report transparently on what’s working and what isn’t.

Our clients appreciate our no-BS approach to digital ads

Clients like Xander, CEO of Mounia Haircare who grew his business revenue by 2,494% over 12 months of working with Taikun.

“Collin and his team are super passionate. They live and breathe digital ads. And of all the vendors I talked to, he was definitely the most forthright with me, saying:

‘I’m going to give you the metrics, and I’m going to give you the data, and I’m going to be fully transparent with you at all times about what’s working and what’s not working.’

Whereas everyone else said, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll figure this out for you and you’ll be crushing it in two months.’ I trusted that Collin was going to do what he said he was going to do.”

Xander Rothaus, CEO
Mounia Haircare

Giant ad platforms want you to lose. We help you win.

Sound opinionated? We are.

We’ve been in the digital ads game for 10 years — that means we’re all too familiar with the ways that giant ad platforms set you up to waste your ad spend.

Ad platforms make their money off of you. They want you to spend the most amount of money and get the least amount of return. That’s why they set you up to keep spending… and spending… and spending…

We started Taikun when we realized that advertisers needed a knowledgeable, no-nonsense, ethical team in their corner.

And that’s who we are — a team of passionate nerds who love what we do and are hyper-focused on getting you what you need out of digital ads.

Whether that’s more leads, more sales, more net profit, or all of the above — we WILL work our asses off to improve your ROAS.

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They want you to spend money, but we want you to make money.

Sound opinionated? We are.

You getting max ROI on digital ads may not be in Google and Facebook’s best interest, but it IS in ours.

That’s why we go to bat for you. Literally — our CEO will start a Twitter fight in your honor, if it comes down to it.

Beat big digital ad platforms at their own game

Talk strategy with us on a quick discovery call.

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Get what you need out of digital ads

Learn more about how our three core services can help.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click Ads

When your customers search, are you showing up first? Invest in PPC and get better ROI.

Discover PPC Ads
Paid Social Ads

Paid Social Ads

Your customers are hanging out on social media — are your ads? Make them stop scrolling.

Paid Social Advertising
Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Where is your traffic landing? Build better pages, improve conversions, and get more customers

Improve Your CRO

Anyone can promise “data-driven” advertising — but we actually have the mathematical background and expertise to deliver it.

Meet our team of passionate experts

We’re each from different places and have different types of expertise, but all of us have 3 main things in common: We’re whip smart, we tell it like it is, and we care about your bottom line.

Collin Slattery

Collin Slattery

Founder & CEO

Collin has over a decade of digital advertising experience. A former foreign exchange trader and professional poker player, he brings a strong analytical background to digital advertising.

Fun Fact: Collin ran for Mayor of New York City in 2017
Olimpia Herrera

Olimpia Herrera

Senior Designer

Olimpia has several years of design and video experience. From flying drones to capture the perfect shot, to leading a team of designers, she knows how to keep production running smoothly.

Fun Fact: Olimpia loves baking, and dreams of opening her own bakery someday
Chris Chambers

Chris Chambers

Paid Search Strategist

Chris has years of PPC experience, profitably managing tens of millions in ad spend with a focus on Google Ads. He’s a meticulous, organizational powerhouse.

Fun Fact: Chris travels full time, working remotely in 10+ countries a year
Ameyalli Silva

Ameyalli Silva

Executive Assistant

Ameyalli has experience in sales and administration in a range of companies, where she’s helped CEOs and coaches of all kinds increase their productivity and profitability.

Fun Fact: Ameyalli loves horses and dreams of having her own ranch someday.
Brian Lackey

Brian Lackey

Director of Paid Media

Brian has been doing digital marketing since 2017 when he started two language learning websites. From there he’s moved into the agency world to help clients level up their digital marketing game.

Fun Fact: Brian trains Muay Thai with the goal of doing (and winning!) an official fight one day

Build your ads strategy around the numbers that matter

from $1,000 to


per month

We’ve grown our digital business dramatically

Founder & CEO, Skincare Company


increase in conversion rate

To say that working with Taikun has resulted in a bump in business is an understatement.

President, Moving Company


decrease in cost per lead

They are an incredible source of knowledge and information on all things PPC.

CEO, Translation Company

Check out our big ideas (and even bigger opinions) on digital ads

Small team. Big data. Massive results.

We show up, work hard, and never stop learning — because your goals are our goals.

Work with us, and you get all the fancy analytics of a huge agency (you know, the ones that charge millions per month), but with the care and attention of a small, dedicated team

Social Ads Done Right

“We worked with a couple of other digital marketers in the past and saw no growth… Working with Taikun Digital actually works, and we have good results.”

Founder Skin Care Company

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