First and foremost, we’re incredibly appreciative that you’re considering joining our team!

We are a boutique paid media agency headquartered in New York City. We are a small, fully remote team of advertising and marketing nerds. We believe that data should guide decisions and that experimentation and curiosity are fundamental to success. We love digging through data and finding opportunities to save or make clients money. 

What we’re about:

Integrity. We always shepherd our clients’ ad spend as if it were our own, so we are always trying to deliver the greatest value to our clients. We would rather make less money than do something that is suboptimal for a client. 

Experimentation. Experimentation is the key to continuous improvement, so we are always experimenting with new things. Different advertising approaches, different platforms, different systems, and different thinking. Our motto is we’ll try anything once.

Feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is one of the keys for improvement. We are always looking to improve for our employees’ and our clients’ sake, so we are always looking for feedback.

Data. We believe in data. Without data, we are just guessing. We believe in collecting, analyzing and leveraging data to not only improve performance for our clients, but also to improve internally.


Paid Ads Account Strategist - Google Ads & Facebook Ads (remote)

What You'll Do

As an account strategist, you'll be in charge of analyzing, optimizing and reporting on client accounts. You'll be spending time inside Google Ads and Facebook Ads, digging through the data, and working to deliver better results for our clients.

You'll be responsible for writing compelling advertising copy, building out campaigns, and ensuring all strategic initiatives are built and launched according to strict timelines and agreed-upon budgets across multiple ad accounts. Attention to detail, proactive problem-solving, and data-driven decision making are all essential characteristics in becoming a world class strategist.

In the rapidly changing digital advertising landscape, you’ll need to constantly adapt and evolve. As a strategist, you’ll combine data analysis and feedback from clients to develop strategic plans and tactical recommendations for targeting, messaging and optimizing campaigns to meet KPIs. You'll continually tweak and optimize campaign creative, copy, audiences, and buying tactics to deliver the best results possible. You'll constantly be testing to deliver improving results. You incessantly investigate account performance and are constantly adapting strategy based on statistical outcomes in your accounts.

What You'll Bring to the Table

You have 1-3 years of experience with Google ads and Facebook ads - at least one platform and ideally both. Experience with other platforms is definitely a plus. Maybe you’ve worked at a big agency and feel like you’re not having enough impact, or you’ve been freelancing and don’t enjoy the downsides that come with that.

You’re not afraid to jump in on the ground floor and have an outsized impact on growing an agency. You’ll be the first non-founder account strategist, so in addition to delivering awesome results for our clients, you’ll get to help develop processes and systems for future account strategists as the business continues to grow.

You have thoughts and ideas and you want to share them. Growing the agency is going to be a team effort, and your thoughts and input will be vital.

You have great communication skills. You’ll be interacting with clients directly with weekly/monthly calls, reporting, and emails so effective communication is a must.

You’re constantly looking to learn and hone your craft. This industry is changing all the time and you delight in staying on top of the latest trends through Twitter, podcasts, blog posts, etc.

You give yourself time to recharge. Digital advertising is crazy right now and agency life can lack balance. Our best work only comes when we make time for ourselves.

To be considered, please provide us with a cover letter on why you are interested in working at Taikun Digital along with your resume at

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