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Comprehensive SEO & website performance audits


To fix any problem you must first understand it. If your website isn’t performing as well as you like, or you want it to deliver better results but you don’t know where to start, having a comprehensive website or digital marketing audit is a great place to start.

Our typical comprehensive website audit looks at 197 different elements of your website, its performance, and its underlying architecture to get a complete picture of where your business stands and what needs to be done to take it to the next level. If this sounds like a lot of different elements, it is.

Your website has to work for your visitors and for search engines, and the needs of each party don’t always overlap.

How does the audit process work?

To begin an audit, we need access to your relevant web accounts like Google Analytics and Search Console. We then run every page of your website through specialized software which analyzes every line of code on the website and organizes pages by each element. For example, pages with images that are not optimized for the web and which hurt your site’s rankings in Google are placed in one group, and the ones that are optimized and will help your Google rankings are placed in a separate group. We analyze your search data. What content is working and what content isn’t? Where should our focus be in terms of content? Are there errors on your site that are blocking Google from crawling and indexing your content?

As we analyze each point, we build an audit report. This report goes into detail on each point we identified as an issue and links to spreadsheets that show the problems in depth and what needs to be corrected.

We also provide a spreadsheet of action items that gives a summary of each issue that needs to be fixed, and the order in which we recommend completing them.

What can I do with the audit?

This comprehensive audit report provides you with an actionable roadmap to higher rankings and more organic traffic. With this actionable roadmap, you and your team of developers can work to institute the suggestions.

The comprehensive audit is also our first step to working with SEO clients. It creates a framework within which we can work and allows both us and the client to track progress to deliver results.

Knowledge is power. If you would like to have the knowledge required to power your website to the next level, contact us today for a website audit consultation.

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