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Data-driven advertising management for small and mid-sized firms.
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PPC Management That Delivers

We use cutting edge data-driven strategies and deep expertise to deliver world class results.
We leverage the knowledge and lessons learned over a decade of PPC management experience and tens of millions of dollars of ad spend combined with proprietary software to provide our clients with novel insights and world class digital advertising performance. Our iterative optimization process is relentlessly focused on delivering the results that matter for your business.

What results can we help you achieve?
"After just two months, the internal team saw a 300% increase in the conversion rate and an 80% decrease in cost per lead. Taikun Digital leverage their knowledge and experience to produce results for their clients."

Dedicated PPC Agency

We are PPC management specialists. No SEO. No email. JUST paid advertising. For more than a decade, we have been providing small and mid-sized firms with PPC management across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms.

Our hyper focus on paid advertising means you get better results in less time and early access to new products, strategies, and platforms that drive better ROI.

Paid Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Video Advertising
Lead Generation
Landing Page Creation
Shopping Advertising
Social Advertising
Mobile Advertising
PPC Account Audits

Ads Management Services

We are a Badged Google Ads Partner Agency and provide a full range of Google Ads management services. We have over a decade of experience working on the Ads platform, which represents 42% of the entire online advertising market in the United States and approximately 65% of the search advertising market.

Bing Ads Management

Microsoft and Bing represent an additional 25% of the search advertising market. While there 2.5 times more google searches than Bing, Bing ads should be a component of every search marketing campaign. Benefits for Bing include lower costs and less competition when compared to equivalent Google campaigns.

Facebook & Social Ads

Socia media advertising represents a large and growing advertising market. Facebook has over one billion active users and its advertising platform provides a great deal of targeting granularity allowing businesses to target their ideal audience in a place where they spend a lot of their time.

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PPC management services that deliver the results that matter to you.
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Our Process

Iterative Optimization
Our process is one where we are always iterating and refining campaigns and landing pages to ensure that your campaigns continue to experience better conversion rates, lower CPC, and higher CTRs, all of which result in a better return on investment.
Powerful Software
We leverage powerful software and custom scripts in order to maximize our ability to identify and remove wasteful spend, improve on what is effective, and monitor for issues.
Informed Experimentation
We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve our clients' results, which means we're always running experiments. Whether it's new bidding strategies, new campaign types or entirely new platforms, we are always working to find an edge.
Insightful Reporting
Every month we provide in-depth reporting and analysis of the previous month, along with our strategic plan for the following month, and our advertising intelligence dashboard allows clients to see in real time the performance of their advertising.
“In the three years we have been working with Taikun, we have tripled our business, and I credit Taikun for helping make it happen. Their innovative and ROI-driven approach combined with their extensive knowledge of advertising and marketing generally has been instrumental in our success.”
Mark Ehrhardt – President of Movers, Not Shakers!
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Is your business making the most of PPC?

Online advertising is the largest and most important advertising channel in the world. It is also the most competitive. Professional advertising management will ensure that you maximize your ROI from online advertising.

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