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stop scrolling

Pretty soon, over half of the planet’s population will be scrolling through social media

Seriously — statistics predict that by 2025, the number of people worldwide who use social media is expected to grow to 4.4 billion. That’s more than 50% of all human beings…
Are you showing up on their feeds?
Ad spending on social media is projected to reach $173 billion in 2022
Instagram’s ad reach has grown by over 60% over the past two years
The cost of running ads on Meta increased by 24% over the last year

To make paid social ads work for you, you need them done right

Good thing we have over 10 years of experience and a team of experts in every aspect of the field.
In other words… We've managed a ton of paid social ads over the years — and we know how to help you get your max ROI.
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Connect with your people. Increase your profits.

We create and manage your ads across all major platforms.

We create ads for both DTC advertising and lead generation

Our approach combines machine learning, automated scripts, and just the right amount of manual control to make sure your ads are reaching your people AND your goals.
We take care of copy, design, segmentation, management, multiple types of testing, and iteration for your social media ads.
And to ensure your ads lead to pages that actually convert, we create and optimize your landing pages, too — because all the variables we can control, we will.
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Landing page creation
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Iterative testing
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Dynamic product ads
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How we make social ads work for you

1   Research & Setup
We start by collecting tons of data, including creative assets, customer reviews, service and product margins, LTV, on-platform performance metrics, etc. Then we set up campaigns based on our findings.
2   Creative Development
Our video designers take your raw assets and turn them into completed creative ads. We also write your ad copy and launch in static, video, and gif formats.
3   Landing Pages
Conversion rates are a key part of your ROAS equation. To ensure your ads lead to pages that actually convert, we create and optimize your landing pages, too.
4   Management
Our management strategy is data-focused. We keep our eye on individual variables with our expanded ROAS equation, and make nuanced changes to drive profitability.
5   Testing, Iteration, & Reporting
Our systemized testing process shows us the variables we need to focus on, so we can iterate and improve. All your stats are visible in your custom data dashboard.

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We’re weirdly obsessed with digital advertising strategy

Seriously. We don’t do SEO. We don’t do email.
Our focus is paid advertising.
When it comes to a fast-evolving platform like social media, what works today might not work tomorrow. We keep our ear to the ground to make sure you’re implementing the latest, cutting-edge ads strategies out there.
Paying constant attention to your data, we actively make nuanced adjustments based on the numbers that matter — AND we have a good time doing it.
Combined with our years of experience and iterative process, our hyper-focus on digital ads means you get better results in less time, and early access to new products, strategies, and platforms that drive ROI.

What could you accomplish with paid social ads?

“They’ve been killing it for us — they already helped us go from zero sales to double-digit growth every month. I can also attribute to them most of our increase in social media followers… which is where 90% of our traffic comes from. It’s as easy as saying that all of our business revenue comes from Taikun Digital.”

Xander Rothaus, CEO
Mounia Haircare

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