What We Do

We are a PPC agency. We create, manage, and optimize profitable pay-per-click campaigns for our clients in Adwords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other online advertising platforms.

We are paid advertising specialists.

How We Deliver

We deliver results to our clients by improving on all areas of the PPC journey from the campaign to the landing page. Iterative optimization cycles produce a virtuous circle of performance improvements.

How We’re Different

No Long-term Contracts

We don’t believe in long-term contracts. All our contracts are 3-months initially and month-to-month thereafter.

Complete Client Ownership

We believe work you pay for is work you should own. Our clients have total ownership of their accounts and assets.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is simple and transparent. A one-time setup fee and then monthly management of $500 + 10% of advertising spend.

Data-Driven Results

Get results that last. We use hard data analysis to generate results that continue to improve over time.

Advanced Tools

Heatmaps, call tracking, landing pages, analytics, and more. We use a massive suite of tools to do one thing: maximize your profits.

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting dashboards that show the data that’s important to you. Updated in real time and always accessible to you.

“To say that working with Taikun has resulted in a bump in business is an understatement. After designing and implementing a masterful digital advertising campaign, they continue to work on driving down costs and improving profitability. We would not have seen the massive growth we’ve seen without Taikun’s digital advertising expertise.”
Mark Ehrhardt, President of Movers, Not Shakers

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