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Search engine optimization (SEO) is rapidly evolving. Strategies that worked last year may not work this year and what worked 3 years ago almost certainly doesn’t work today. The days where you optimized only for Google are over. Today, SEO requires optimizing for both the user and the search engines. Google isn’t buying your product or service; your visitors are. Search engine optimization requires building a strong foundation that works for both the user and the search engine.

Important Elements of Modern SEO

The days of keyword stuffing and having two different pages for “PPC Agency NYC” and “PPC Agency New York” are long over, as are the days of spammy backlinks. In order to be successful in SEO today you must:

  • Have a website that loads quickly
  • Have a website that provides a good user experience and is optimized for both desktop and mobile
  • Create content that is engaging and answers the visitors query
  • Check as many of the technical SEO boxes that only Google sees

Our SEO Process

We have all seen those emails that guarantee we can get on the first page of Google, but the only guarantees we have in life are death and taxes. We can’t and won’t make those guarantees; however, we can guarantee faster page speed, improvements in page structure, and more relevant traffic. Our SEO process usually begins with a comprehensive SEO Audit that looks at nearly 200 individual points that could be hindering your website’s appearance in the search engines. This audit allows us to identify the problems holding your website back and create a personalized SEO strategy based on your business’s unique online situation.

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