188% Increase in Organic Traffic

Integrated Security Services Case Study
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Integrated Security Services


Security Services & Consulting


Improve organic rankings and increase organic traffic in an incredibly competitive industry


On-page SEO, content creation, link outreach


Audit, identify, and address on-page SEO issues early and follow that with a targeted and aggressive content creation and link outreach campaign.


188% increase in organic traffic.

The Challenge

The client had invested money in developing a website and a strong content pipeline but were not seeing growth in organic search traffic. The security services and consulting industry is extremely competitive and dominated by a handful of multinational corporations.

The extremely competitive environment meant that going toe-to-toe with the large, established players would not work, and we would need to take a different approach to improve organic traffic for Integrated Security Services.

The Approach

Because of the strong competition, we decided the best approach was to focus on keyword phrases and business areas that were less competitive and from which they already were receiving some traffic. Our research showed us it would be easier to improve rankings for these phrases, and it would provide the client with early results while we worked to improve rankings for more competitive terms over the mid to long term. To identify opportunities, it was necessary to conduct exhaustive research up front and perform a comprehensive SEO audit of the website to see what was lacking. This allowed us to prioritize the highest ROI tasks first to deliver strong short-term results.

The Execution

Working from the results of the comprehensive strategic outline we built during the SEO audit, we addressed over 50 unique on-page issues. Fixing all the on-page issues identified in the audit took six months to complete, and we evaluated performance data regularly to confirm that our work was delivering results.

While we were working through the backlog of on-page issues, we began to roll out our content strategy which involved creating content pieces targeting keyword phrases and business verticals for which we could rank more easily.

Each step of the way we evaluated the data from previous work to ensure we were seeing results.

The Results

Two month after starting the projec and having completed the highest priority on-page SEO work, organic traffic had already increased by 63%. After 15 months, monthly organic traffic had increased 188%.

“To say that working with Taikun has resulted in a bump in business is an understatement. After designing and implementing a masterful digital advertising campaign, they continue to work on driving down costs and improving profitability. We would not have seen the massive growth we’ve seen without Taikun’s digital advertising expertise.”
Mark Ehrhardt, President of Movers, Not Shakers

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