Granting Google Ads Access

In order for us to manage your Google Ads accounts, we will need you to grant access to us. The steps for granting access to Google Ads is slightly different from other accounts. In order to benefit from our agency resources, we must connect to your account through our agency account. Below you can find video instructions for granting us access.
The steps outlined in the video above are as follows. 1. Login to your Google Ads account and copy your CID number. Your CID is a 10 digit number found in the upper right corner of Ads account.
2. Take that CID and email it to your account manager. 3. Your account manager will request access to the account via one of our agency MCCs. 4. Within your Google Ads account, navigate to Access and Security found within Tools & Settings.
3. Within Access and Security, click on the managers tab. You will see a request from Taikun Digital. Approve that request. That's it! You've now granted us access to your Google Ads account. If you're having any trouble, please get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to help.

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