Digital Marketing Analytics

Data driven insights to move your business forward.


Good decisions are driven by data. The digitization of business has given businesses large and small the ability to gather data and analyze it to make informed decisions. But data is only as good as the analysis that is conducted with it. At Taikun, we’re math nerds, and we love digging through data to find actionable insights and trends that will help your business achieve more.

More Than Just Google

Analytics goes beyond your website and Google Analytics encompasses every facet of your business’s web presence including social, email, paid search, your website, and everything in between. Using the data we gather from each channel and properly analyzing it will allow us to provide meaningful reports and take actions that move your business forward.

Our Analytics Process

The first step to good analysis is ensuring all possible resources for data collection are active and connected. The default data that is collected like visits, visitors, time-on-site and other top line numbers can be helpful, but they aren’t the most important for most businesses. Most businesses have different Key Performance Indicators.

The second step is working to help identify and collect data on your business’s digital KPIs. Having identified the metrics that matter to your business, it is important to collect that data, so it can be used as a basis for business decisions.

Finally, we analyze that data, and share the resulting actionable insights with the client. Then we come up with experiments to further improve performance, test those experiments, analyze that data, and repeat. The end result of this iterative process is that your business’s performance is continuously improving on the performance metrics that matter for your business.

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