Assigning Google Analytics Permissions

In addition to Facebook access, we will also need to get access to your Google Analytics account. Access to Google analytics allows us to get a better understanding of your advertising performance and identify areas of opportunity on your website. 

Below we have step by step instructions on how to give us proper access to your Google Analytics account. 

1. Visit and choose the account that you need to share with us. If you only have one account, it will default to the correct account. 

2. Access the admin area of your Analytics account. 

3. Once you're in the admin area, click on account user management in the left most column. 

4. In the account user management section, click on the plus sign in the top right corner and click "add users.
5. Put our Analytics email into the email section, and make sure you check all the boxes to ensure we have full admin privileges. 
6. Click add.

And you're done! There are a few more accounts that we will need access to in order to be fully setup. If you are having any difficulties with this, please contact your account manager.

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