Assigning Facebook Permissions

We’re excited to get started working together, but before we can, we need to gain access to your accounts. Below are a few quick steps (with screenshots) to get us added to your account from your Business Manager. If you’re a videos person instead of a document person, we also filmed a video (below) on how to do get us set up. You pick!

1. Go to and choose your business (if you have access to more than one - if you only have the one, no need to choose your business - it will auto-populate)

2. In the top left corner, click the hamburger menu and choose “Business Settings”

3. On the left hand side select the "Partners" tab (under “People”

4. In the top right of the middle column, click the blue "add" button

5. It will then ask if you would like to grant access to your BM or if you would like to request access. Select “Grant access”

6. In the box please enter our BM ID: 1111606118853159 and hit submit. It will then ask for permission level and we advise to grant admin/manage account access.

7. Go through each of the items in the left column to give us Admin level access to each of your assets so that we can fully manage the account. This includes:

  • Pages → Choose applicable page(s) for ads to run on → Manage Page
  • Ad Account → Choose applicable ad account → Manage Ad Account
  • Catalogs → Choose applicable catalog(s) → Manage Catalog
  • Pixels → Choose applicable pixel → Manage Pixel
  • Instagram accounts → Choose IG account →

8. Click “Save Changes”

Please let us know if you have any issues or questions on these steps!

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